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My interview with Steve Bieler, the author of the article entitled Aquaman was memorable.  We connected and I felt that he understood my challenges in managing my psoriatic disease.  It was a free flowing interview, after-which I provided him with some other articles I had written about my years as a track and field athlete from about 15 years ago.

As a member of the National Psoriasis Foundation I received my copy of Psoriasis Advance before Thanksgiving.  Reading the article was in some ways like seeing your life flash in front of you.

I have always enjoyed being active and loved running.  When that no longer was possible, I am grateful to have found my new passion – open water swimming.  If the article in some way helps someone with psoriatic disease take meaningful action to improve the quality of their life – then I am happy.  I hope it also motivates people to make a donation to National Psoriasis Foundation to help find a cure.  That would be great!

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P.S. Enjoy reading Aquaman


AquaMan page 1
Article in the NPF Psoriasis Advance


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NPF article – page 2



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